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Body Charger at 2022 MEDICA

Welcome to See You at MEDICA 2022

Taiwan Excellence Week at Indonesia 2022

mental health

Regular Exercise Can Help Promote Physical Activity, and Improve Mental Health

Cardiac Rehabilitation Recovery from Pandemic

Rehabilitation Exercises

Home Rehabilitation

Cardiac Rehabilitation Exercise

Body Charger Fitness at 2022 TaiSPO, Taiwan

2022 A Buyer Guide for Reablement

Exercise Can Improve Elderly Parents’ Ability

Body Charger Successfully Showing at Medica 2021 

Physical Exercise and Memory Loss, Alzheimer, and Dementia

Body Charger Active Series Products Received FDA Approval

Body Charger Fitness at Digital Pavilion of Taiwan Excellence Award

Body Charger Fitness Exhibiting at MEDICA 2021

Body Charger Can Help Physical Therapist, Physical Therapist Can Help You.

Five Popular Exercise Equipment for Elderly

Find Appropriate Recumbent Cross Trainer to Achieve Your Fitness Goal

What It Takes To Be Taiwan’s Leading Fitness Equipment Brand

Outperformance on Recumbent Cross Trainer

Burn More Calories at Home is So Effective!

Is Exercising at Home Much Effective?

Empower Employees to Navigate New Routines 

Designed for Safe and Efficient Stretch Movement 

Body Charger Creates Innovative Exercise Experience Beneficial Brain Coordination

Body Charger Knows Customers’ Needs

Working with Elders Who Have Cardiovascular Conditions

Cycling Benefits Parkinson’s Patients

Protect Your Immune System

Amazing! Brain Size is Growing Up.

A Vital Sign for Doctor’s Orders: Exercise Summary

Absolute Isokinetic Ergometer Cross Training

Heart Rate Recovery for Fitness and Health

Congratulations! Body Charger Fitness is awarded for Taiwan Excellence Award 2021!

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