Amazing! Brain Size is Growing Up.

Research said that only 3 months of regular physical exercise is enough for measurable increase in “ Brain Size” and improved short–term memory.

Scientific studies confirm that movement is beneficial moving for health. The movements necessary for neuroplastic changes are encouraged in an entertaining way. Body Charger Smart Console with Brain Game program provides interactive and engaging software that motives users to improve their motor skills.

When we design the Active Series fitness equipment for medical and rehabilitation centrs, we hope it can help users to recuperate and maintain their physical abilities. We couldn’t be more excited to have exclusive “Brain Game” on our Smart Console.

Brain Game improves cognitive ability and can also help prevent Alzheimer’s and dementia.

Brain Game workout is an exclusive and theory-based regimen that enhances progressive to optimize the effort user put in. Brain Game gives users a vitality exercise experience, including Analysis and Games.


Interactive Games include three functions, stress relief, cognitive training, muscular endurance, total 8 programs. These programs can help aspects of memory and thinking.


The goal of Analysis workout is to enhance the users to familiar with our product motion to maximize efficiency while exercising effectively to fulfill users’ needs. Meanwhile user can select one preferred mode to challenge from three-level intensity and two-based evaluation.


The result is the evidence and consequence of progressive and believes in the purpose and power of health and wellness.

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