Burn More Calories at Home is So Effective!

For many of us, being a homebody is now mandatory during the COVID-19 pandemic. That means many families are spending more time together than they normally do. It may cause people to exercise less, consume more junk foods, and then gain weight, and so on.

The effective way to keep your calorie burned maximized is to consistently workout.

  • You can exercise at least 20-60 minutes or more.
  • If you want to lose one pound per week requires a decrease of 3,500 calories each week or 500 calories per day at least.

* Benefits of Recumbent Cross Trainer *

  • Full body workout: The movable handles work your arms and shoulders, while your lower body (hamstrings, quadriceps and glutes) gets an intense workout too.
  • Helps with balance: Forward and reverse motion is involving different muscle groups that are specifically associated with mobility, gait and balance.
  • Full Easy on the joints: Recumbent Cross Trainer puts less stress on your joints than running, making it ideal for those who have knee or hip injuries, arthritis or elders.


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