Find Appropriate Recumbent Cross Trainer to Achieve Your Fitness Goal

People who would have tried to achieve fitness goal, weight loss, build muscle, and engage cardio ability. Determining which will burn more calories will depend on what aerobics you do and how hard you work, among other things.

To burn calories efficiently, you can work much smart and much comfortable!
Study shows that elliptical trainer burns more calories than taking an aerobics class. Recumbent Cross Trainer provides a stress – free, effective and low – impact total body workout, most important is that it can burn more calories in a comfortable recumbent sitting position.

Body Charger Fitness provides a full range of recumbent cross trainers for full-stride length, semi-stride length, and compact option.

The proper stride length is determined by your height. If you use the inappropriate stride length you may feel cramped and uncomfortable. In general, users between 161 ~179 cm recommend use with a semi-stride length of 16 to 18 inches. Taller users can choose a 20- to 22-inch full-stride length. Short person, between 145 ~160 cm suggest to select the semi-stride length with compact capacity.
Whenever possible, try out your particular machine before purchasing.


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GB7006 Full-stride Recumbent Cross Trainer Pro

GB7005 Semi-stride Recumbent Cross Trainer

GB7005 MINI  Mini Recumbent Cross Trainer