Body Charger Knows Customers’ Needs

At Body Charger Fitness, a manufacturer of professional rehab and wellness fitness equipment used in healthcare, elder and fitness settings, understand customers’ needs and incorporating what we learn into new products or product enhancements has been central to the brand’s success.

With thoughtful user interface that give therapists more control and assistance to get their patients on the road to recovery, Body Charger Fitness equipment designed for physical rehabilitation is easily integrated into client progression programs to get them back to living a health life!

Swivel Seat: Features a comfortable and oversized seat and it’s easier for the user to get in and out of the seat.

Wheelchair Access: To meets the specific needs of wheelchair users we designed a removable seat for wheelchair access.

Adjustable Arm Crank: The independent 3-length radius settings admitted the longer leg can affect the shorter to contribute a balance issue of his stride, and ultimately its pace.

Orthopedic Heel Support Pedal: Designed to reduce the risk of injury, increase support to weak joints, or relieve pressure caused by exercise.

Assistive Hand Grips: To assist user while sitting and standing up easily.

Anti-Slip Mat Design: Perfect idea for keeping the users safe without slipping.

Safety Locking: A locking mechanism keeps the handle securely in position when user is getting into the seat.

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