Body Charger Active Series Products Received FDA Approval

A total of 27 fitness products received FDA approval in 2021, according to FDA official Establishment Registration & Device Listing Database.

Body Charger, the professional rehabilitation and wellness fitness equipment company in Taiwan, today announced that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has granted de novo marketing authorization for Body Charger Active Series cardiovascular equipment including Medical treadmill, total body trainer, recumbent cross trainer, recumbent stepper and UBE table.

“This achievement is the culmination of more than a decade of work and a testament to the dedication of Body Charger and our collaborators in developing high-grade health and wellness equipment that will transform the practice of pathology,” said Hank Hsu, the founder the Body Charger Fitness.

The 21st century in the face of an aging population trend, the health status of the elderly is a hot issue of social concern, therefore, providing the solution of the population aging and the elderly is our social responsibility.

Study said : more physically active might help us avoid thousands of dollars in health care costs later. Further older people provide significant economic and societal benefits – particularly if they are healthy and active.

Body Charger created “user’s orientation” fitness equipment, easily accessible for people with low mobility, low-impact functionality and friendly user experience. We hope people can work out safe to maintain a healthy life.

“We are grateful for everyone at Body Charger and our partners who have brought this new generation of fitness and wellness solutions to next.”

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