Established since 1979, over 40 years of experience manufacturing wellness equipment
has established Body Charger as one of reputable company in Taiwan.
• OBM / OEM / ODM manufacturer for clients.
• Offering a complete product ranges from residential to commercial grade even the medical-care products.
• Offering R/D teams with fully support to our best clients on product development.
• Critical components are selected from reputable and reliable international sources.
• Product qualities are certificated by third-party Verification Company.
• ISO 9001 / ISO13485  certificated; factories are located in Taiwan.


GEE HOO INDUSTRIAL CORP. mission is to enhance intelligence and efficiency of rehabilitation and physiotherapy. Additionally, enhancing safety factor and friendly design to bring high-quality user experience of innovation, intelligence and humanity for consumer.


Certification & Awarded

United State Brand Registration
Body Charger‧Speed Style

United State Patent

Taiwan Patent Health Care Management System

China Certificate Of Utility Model Patent

2013 excellence award

Our Businesses from Worldwide , OEM / ODM / OBM

GEE HOO INDUSTRIAL CORP. has the capability to OEM, ODM, OBM products and patent certification from all over the world such as U.S., Taiwan, and China. GEE HOO INDUSTRIAL CORP. products have been around all over the world. Through GEE HOO INDUSTRIAL CORP. four own brand Body Charger, I-Care, Speed style, and O’FITS focus on enhancing and developing of rehabilitation, healthy technology, and office fitness.