About Body Charger


Body Charger is a brand of GEE HOO INDUSTRIAL CORP, the leading fitness equipment manufacturer in Taiwan.

For over 40 years, Body Charger has been a driving force of helping people of all ages to get moving, stay active, and fulfill their life quality. We created some of the most friendly pieces of cardio equipment like the Total Body Trainer, Recumbent Cross Trainer and Rehabilitation Treadmill, and continue to offer solutions and transfers scientific findings into the advanced activities of daily life (ADL).

Inspired by People

❛ Build the Product People Want ❜ is the stepping stone to #innovation.
Hank Hsu, the founder the Body Charger Fitness, always motivated our employees, ❛ If you are not making the products for yourself, you can’t know when it’s getting better ❜.

You must love your products then you have ability motivate people to believe, belong, and become.

A Passion of Innovation, Quality and Service

GEE HOO established since 1979, dedicated in manufacturing fitness and wellness equipment in Taiwan and it has earned both ISO 9001:2015 and 13485:2016 pending. Adhering to passion of Innovation, Quality and Service, we major focus on own unique design is differentiate from the market perspective and provides products cross three mains physiotherapy, rehabilitation, cardiology and fitness. We sincerely believe we can bring humanity better life quality.

Endless Pursuit on Your Needs

Body Charger Fitness places an emphasis on SAFE PRODUCTS. The motto “user’s orientation” shows our commitment to providing professional products.

As our customer, you are the reason we are in business.

You want your customers to have comfortable and accessible workout experience.

So do we.

You want your customers to trust you, as the support department in close communication with Engineers, Sales and Quality.

So we can do.